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About us

















Major Objectives


1. Undertake projects and programs aimed at poverty alleviation;

2. Provide skills development training to persons with disabilities and underprivileged to facilitate employment;

3. Undertake projects and programs for health care, nutrition, sanitation and education;

4. Provide support including technical support to persons with disabilities and disadvantaged people.

5. Provide mobility aids for persons with disabilities;

6. Ensure sound networking with Government, non-government organizations, persons with disabilities, industry, the media in the areas of education, communication, training, barrier free environment and employment;

7. Advocate appropriate policies and legislation for employment of persons with disabilities with policy and decision makers;

8. Make the people aware on the causes of disability and its prevention;

9 Establish the rights of the persons with disabilities and disadvantaged people in the society through enabling them to be self-earners by providing technical knowledge and expertise to take up different activities for economic and social improvement;

10. Promote avenues for marketing of products produced by disabled people;

11. Conduct research on disability issues;

12. Take active part in the social uplifting of the marginalized people and the disaster victims in distributing relief goods and medical assistance through mobile clinic.




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