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Our Work

a) Sewing Training Project for Women with Disabilities


The project aims to make the disabled girls and women productive resources and ensure their employment which will support themselves and their families financially and will facilitate their successful reintegration in the community.


b) Disabled Small Entrepreneur Development Project


Access Bangladesh started a project for the sustainable development of disabled people titled “Disabled Small Entrepreneur Development Project”. Through this programme it provides necessary training to the disabled small entrepreneur for building their capacity and to provide financial support in the form of interest free credit.

Disabled woman is running her own shop with the support of Access Bangladesh

c) Disabled Hawkers Development Project

The purpose of this project is to encourage the disabled hawkers to raise their existing earning capacity and living standard and to give inspiration to other disabled persons. The project is located in different Rail stations, Bus terminals and footpaths where disabled hawkers run their small businesses. Access Bangladesh is playing a facilitator role in the establishment of Disabled hawkers club, providing skill development training, logistical and financial support.

Meeting at open park with the disabled hawkers | A Disabled Hawker is running his small shop.

d) Support to the poor disabled students

The aim of this project is to encourage poor disabled students to achieve their education and also it will help to change gradually the attitude of the society towards disabled students.

Access Bangladesh provides tuition fees and other material support to extremely poor and meritorious disabled students. There will be a continuous monitoring and evaluation of the progress of each Sponsored Student. Access Bangladesh maintains a very close contact with schools to check examination results and discuss the progress of the students with their teachers.


e) Self Help Initiative of Persons with Disabilities


To ensure establishment of rights of persons with disabilities, community based approach is a must. Through this community program Access Bangladesh helps to form Self Help Groups by the disabled people themselves. Access Bangladesh facilitates this group through group meetings, discussion and training so that the group members can build their capacity to solve their own problems and improve the wellbeing of themselves and their families. Access Bangladesh also provides medical support and financial support to the stakeholders. To ensure community participation, it involves local government officials, media people and community people so that the mass people will be aware about their responsibility.

Weekly meeting with Self Help Group


f) Faith and Light


This group consists of the children with disabilities and their parents. There is much linking these families together. They get together once a month to share their joys and sorrows and to do different activities. Access Bangladesh motivates this group to build a strong family base towards their children.



Shahinur Islam, Program Officer, Access Bangladesh

Salah Uddin Tito
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